KnoxZine is an online magazine celebrating better living in Knoxville and the surrounding area.

Discover Knoxville’s quirky side through original stories about local unsung heroes and hardcore hobbyists. Explore significant social issues through personal narratives shared by our neighbors. Increase your awareness of regional resources and events. provides thought-provoking entertainment for curious individuals seeking inspiration and motivation through adventures in travel, arts and culture, volunteering, and more!

Can’t get enough KnoxZine? Follow us on Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest. is a project created and owned by Nolpix Media, LLC (a/k/a Nolichucky Pictures, LLC.), an award winning creative cinematic media business established in Knoxville in 2006. Nolpix’s work has appeared on national PBS and on local television. In addition to its cinematography services, Nolpix also provides various business communication products. We provide the entire package: pre-production, production, and post-production. For more information, please e-mail