Video by: Buck Kahler

As frequent visitors to Victor Ashe Park, we’ve seen disc golf players out in all kinds of weather – including strong wind. Nothing stops them. Curious to learn more about this strange addiction, we joined up with the Knoxville Disc Golf Association at a recent tournament. The pouring rain did not dampen anyone’s enthusiasm. From a distance the players looked like Hobbits walking the peaks and valleys of Victor Ashe Park’s scenic 18-basket course.

Nearly all of the players present said they became involved in disc golf because the game is played outdoors, the equipment is cheap, the disc golf courses in Knoxville are free, and it’s fairly easy to quickly improve at the sport.

All ages are welcome to join the Knoxville Disc Golf Association. The various membership packages may include discounts at Pluto Sports and KDGA swag.

The Association hosts several charitable fundraisers throughout the year. For more information about the sport, the types of discs used, and the addiction that’s bound to kick in after playing a few rounds, please see the attached video.

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