Sometimes short, self-contained, poignant stories can be found in social media posts.

Encouraging a Friend

Carrie Adams of Pendleton, SC, encouraged a friend who was disappointed because he had a public anxiety attack after having been anxiety-free for many days.

When I worked at a textile mill we had an OSHA board. If we went 30 days without an accident, we got Hardee’s. And we were frickin’ excited about it, too. We worked 12 hour swing shifts and never saw the sun, so, you know, it was the little things. We had to put our board back to 0 sometimes. But then we just went back to earning our Hardee’s, you know?

Reaching Out at Work

Several years ago, Suzanne Johnson ditched her corporate career and began working at a bakery. Now she works at a prestigious and popular museum in Washington, D.C.

At the height of busy season at the museum where I work, yesterday our Great Hall was filled with people, and I saw an older woman sitting on a bench by herself. I knew she was waiting for someone, and I approached and asked how her visit went. She said it was great (as visitors usually do), and I asked where she was going next. She said, “Arlington National. My husband’s tombstone there was just delivered.” I told her how sorry I was to hear that and that my Grandfather is buried at Arlington. She said her husband had served 3 tours in Vietnam and 1 in Korea. He had cancer, but a quick stroke killed him. She clearly was a little sad but appreciated being able to talk to someone empathetic before she went to Arlington for the first time since her husband’s tombstone went up. Nothing in my corporate experience compares to a moment like this on my new job.

A Spot of Fun with Kids

Finally, Knoxzine writer Carol Ann Borges creates adventure wherever she goes.

At the dog park two sweet young girls 5 & 6 and I became friends. They started out by asking me if I was a grandma. When I said yes, the one said she thought so because I looked like a grandma. Hahahaha!

The older one was very curious about my tongue, She wanted to see what color it was. After I showed her, the two girls stuck out their tongues for me to inspect. Thank god they had nothing weird to say about my tongue, though one did point out I had some little speck of food clinging to it. They watched very intently as I tried to grab it with my tongue and swallow it.

To really wow them I confessed that I was a magic person and related how I was part of a “traveling spell” that worked to bring my niece through the magic vortex from NYC to San Francisco. This definitely raised my standing with them as they were begging me to teach them my spell. I told them I could not because I had taken a blood oath. They nodded their heads and seemed to understand that. I was so glad their mom was not one of those people who thinks magic is evil.

“Is magic really, REALLY real?!!!”

“Well sort of,” I replied. I felt that was a really good answer.

They also wanted to know if I was married and were impressed when I said I had TWO husbands. They said their mom was divorced too.

They both had on pink cowgirl boots and I was very sorry to see them go.

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