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Creature Seeker is at it again!

Right on the heels of their naughty Beaster Bunny photo shoots, Eric and Samantha Brown, collectively known as Creature Seeker, are hosting one of their biggest events this Saturday night, April 27, at 8 p.m. You can witness the Morbid Pleasures: Erotic and Macabre Art Show for $10 [cash preferred; BYOB].

Samantha promises, “There will be lots of kinks.” Eric says, “In addition to art, there will be live rope suspension bondage by Dark Angel Shibari Arts, cat “pet play” modeling, burlesque performer Hellcat Harlowe and her Clairvoyant Cooch, and special guest clowns, Scarlett Storm and Jeremy Kinison of Cut Throat Freak Show.

Cut Throat Freak Show Goof Ballers Tour.

This is the third venue show in a series of erotic art and performance events curated by Creature Seeker. The clever couple has learned to relax after the popularity of their two previous events, Museum of Sex & Death, and Cupid’s Chokehold.


Creature Seeker began with Eric Brown’s creepy, weird, cute and kitschy art.

Puddles, the Figi mermaid.

Little Shitz

Harry Potter Imaginary Friend.

His creations are available for sale on Facebook, Instagram, by commission, and at conventions. This year they are adding two new stops on their convention tour: Detroit and New Orleans. The couple is also moving away from the horror genre. Eric says the horror conventions have gotten too big, too expensive, and too mainstream. Samantha says, “We don’t like gore. Our style is more Halloween, relics, and sideshow attractions.”

This is a custom Machete Imaginary Friend Danny Trejo purchased from me. I can do any custom character your like!

Events hosted at the couple’s former South Knoxville store are now hosted in their home or in larger venues. Eric says, “It became a natural progression for us. Our events and my art have developed together. They influence each other and go hand in hand.” 

I think you are evolving, artistic, practice unconditional love, connect with the world around you by using theater, art and sexuality to show that common thoughts brew in all of us. I would consider you pioneers of sorts. – Bianca Ciccotelli

Themed events like Harry Potter, John Waters, and Pokeman Go! were early successes. But a fetish inspired drawing event was a game changer. Eric explains, “We had roughly triple the normal attendance. People want this.”

Owen Weston’s comical voyeurism sketch.

Bondage sketch by Denise Stewart-Sanabria.

At their former store, the fetish art inventory was small and kept behind a curtain. Now it’s the subject of silly sculpting classes and larger events like Morbid Pleasures. Eric continues, “I might make some new fetish art, so we build an event around it, or we may plan an event and I create art for it. It all develops organically and comes together with the help of a lot of people.”

I think Krampus…was the first time I had discovered Creature Seeker, and I swear, my first reaction was that I wanted to be best friends with whoever was behind it because I knew you were my kind of people.  – Molly McMillan

One annual event that continues to grow in popularity is the December photo shoot with Krampus. After 4 years of family friendly photos, Creature Seeker recently added private, naughty Krampus photo opportunities by appointment only. Once sample photos were shared, this event took off like goth cakes.

Eric says, “People want to do something naughty. They are curious but scared. Once they saw that it’s okay to be silly and to joke around, they were more comfortable.”

Family friendly Krampus.

The ladies love naughty Krampus.

Sarah wants to play.

Haley was looking for romance.

Other Creature Seeker gigs include acting and prop creation for Jupiter Entertainment’s crime reality television shows. Eric says, “We do not consider ourselves actors. We do this for fun. These gigs are sporadic and random. Most recently I’ve worked on blood splatter and creating a burned corpse.”

Y’all do the things most people only think about doing. Your follow through is off the charts! You are bold, colorful and expressive. – Pam Smith Brown 

Fans also suggest art and event topics, including a recent request for esoteric religious items. Eric says, “We don’t believe in any of it, but we will cater to all of it!”

With regard to the number of people, particularly women, who line-up to take part in Creature Seeker’s risque ideas, Eric says, “We are surprised people are willing to do what we ask for.”

Creature Seeker would eventually like to host events outside of Knoxville. They would also like to structure future events as mini-conventions, with well known models, a lecture series, and artist workshops. “We are learning as we go.”

Knoxville’s Sexiest Couple

Eric and Samantha’s participation at other local erotica events have earned them the unofficial nickname: Knoxville’s Sexiest Couple.

Eric spanks Samantha at Temple’s “What is Fetish?” event at The Concourse. Photo by Douglas Hubbard.

This moniker is further enhanced by their social media presence, which has led to rumors and gossip about their private life.

Thanksgiving never looked so good.

Samantha says, “Our weird life has become normalized to us, so we are surprised when people think we are weird.”

Eric continues, ” People think we have orgies every night. We are not wild and crazy. We are currently binge watching Family Matters. We babysit our granddaughter. We have parties at home. It’s safe and fun. Recently, we had a retro Playboy party and a Hobbit party. There might be people outside playing Uno while wearing lingerie.”

Also, I love how you push boundaries and how your art and events you put together explore some of the parts of human sexuality and sensuality that many of us wouldn’t think of, or are too shy or inhibited to do. So I sort of view you both as fearless and bold.” – Molly McMillan

Samantha says her mother loves Creature Seeker and she attends all the sculpting classes and the larger events. “My dad is also fine with it. He’ll pitch in when we need help with a prop.” Eric and Samantha agree that Eric’s mom pretends none of this exists.

Eric says, “People are looking for an opportunity. Sometimes people are anxious or nervous to come here [their home or to Creature Seeker events], but they are always glad they came. It’s a more chill atmosphere than they thought it would be, and they get to talk to other weirdos.” 


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  1. Great article, Debra. I owe so much to their “Draw Me Like” events. They are such a major asset to the artist community in this town.