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To paraphrase Jimmy Buffet, “Don’t try to describe a Follies Girls’ show if you’ve never seen it.”


A Follies Girls’ game show contestant.

The Follies Girls are billed as a “Big Neo-Vaudeville Variety Game Show.” A typical show is like a fraternity hazing alternating with professionally choreographed dance numbers inspired by the Roaring ’20s, Tim Burton, and the True Blood vampire series. Yep, they wanna do bad things to you. Funny bad things.


MARCH 21 Follies Girls’ BIG VARIETY GAMESHOW at The Well at 9:30 pm for $5


Poster by Russ Dickenson of RAD Photos and Design

The Follies Girls’ creator is the dynamo dancer and entrepeneuer Anna Rogers.  Rogers owns The Amused Life Collective Dance Studio in downtown Knoxville, and she created the Knoxville chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School .

With regard to The Follies Girls, Anna says, “The March show at The Well is our standard dance and game show event where we focus on being with the crowd and having a good time. This is how people get to know us. We are accessible and fun, and we give away cheesy prizes to the game show winners. The March show will also provide a sneak peak of our new FOLLIES GUYS and other special guests. Emcees are Nipsy Tussle (Anna) and Cock Hudson (Ricky Moon).

Nipsy Tussle with Cock Hudson.

Nipsy Tussle with Cock Hudson.

NEW IN 2014: The Follies Girls’ VARIETE´ SUPERSHOW with a BIT OF BURLESQUE. April 4 at The Bowery at 9:45 p.m., $10 admission.


This year The Follies Girls began alternating their standard monthly game show madness with a larger variety show that includes 26 performance pieces. Rogers says this larger extravaganza will be “extremely dance intensive, and it will also include sketches, spoken word performance art, and some burlesque.

Busty Tops

Falsie Lashes

A lot of what I wanted to create is based on Cabaret, one of my favorite musical movies. We want to take you on a journey. We want to make people laugh, but we also want to move you. We’re creating shows with a wide range of art, and I’ve never been more proud of what we have been accomplishing.”

The April 4th show, Decadence: A Feast for the Eyes, will be emceed by raucous local comic Jeff Blank.

Suite Soleil has star appeal.

Suite Soleil has star power.

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