September 2nd, 2013
Do-It-Yourself Garden Shed


Debbie and Joe Kronick recently built a garden shed/play house out of recycled materials on their land in Mascot, TN. “This idea started out because I wanted a primitive-looking building on our property,” says Debbie Kronick. What looks like a Pinterest project was completed without any plans or instructions.

Here’s how they did it:

“We framed the building with 2x4s from the salvage yard,” says Debbie.

Joe Kronick thinks it's time for a shed raising.

Joe Kronick thinks it’s time for a shed raising.

Debbie says, “I have been collecting old doors, windows and screens that I have found at flea markets or antique sales. The most I paid for a door was $25. The windows and screens were no more than $5. The doors are attached with nails at the top, center and bottom of the planks of 2x4s.”

Deb shed begins

Deb Shed door

Debbie says, “The wood on the floor is also from the salvage yard. The wood for the walls is from an old barn we found that was falling apart, and the owner said we could take all the wood we wanted. The roof is old barn tin that I paid $2.00 a sheet.”

Deb shed interior

Deb Shed wall

“The most difficult part was putting the puzzle together. We had no instructions. We were able to cut the barn wood to the sizes we needed to fit around the doors, windows and screens. There are spots where you can see light between the pieces of wood, but I like the effect,” says Debbie.

Deb Shed cracks

deb shed finished

deb shed finished side view


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