September 24th, 2013
The Gem off of Clinton Highway


Clinton Highway has a long reputation of being the armpit of Knoxville, Tennessee. This peculiar patch of Northwest Knoxville has always been a bit bedraggled and somewhat dangerous–its roads and some of its people. It was on this long stretch of road where James Agee’s daddy died in a single-vehicle accident.

Knoxville ex-pat Suzanne Johnson recalls, “You only went someplace on Clinton Highway if you needed something you couldn’t get anywhere else on the planet–like getting a discontinued Eureka vacuum repaired. If you are going to Clinton Highway for a business, it’s for a specific reason.”

Shopping on Clinton Highway can be patriotic.

Today, Clinton Highway is scattered with strip malls filled with fast food chain restaurants and big box stores like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. The highway’s lengthy sprawl is still dotted with used car lots, pawn shops, and kitschy landmarks like  the Airplane Service Station and Ciderville Music Store. Just yesterday Smile Spa massage parlor was busted for offering happy endings.


A gem within this eclectic mix is Vic’s Beer Store & Cigar Shoppe, located just off of the intersection of Clinton Highway and Schaad Road, behind Goodyear Tires. Since its creation three years ago, as a side-by-side business with the six year old Vic’s Package Store, co-owners Garrett Jernigan and Tim England have been steadily growing the business into a fun and safe neighborhood pub that’s big on craft beers and community service.

It’s the only place like this around here. – Jeremiah Owens


Photo by Vic’s regular Scott Ryan.

Vic’s Amenities

  • 21 craft beers on draft (Enjoy Oktoberfest beers? Vic’s is like an Oktoberfeast!)
  • 3 gluten-free beers available in 12 sizes
  • Quality bottled and canned beers and growlers available for purchase
  • Party supplies and tobacco products
  • Smoke-free interior
  • 2,500 square foot patio
  • Free delivery from Snappy’s Tomato Pizza
  • Live music on Friday nights with South of Broad and special guests
  • Jukebox, games, and televisions
  • Dog permit

Vic’s is the best bar in town. Nice people, good beer, great space, and just far enough from downtown to stay that way a while longer. – Jake Livesay

Photo courtesy of Vic's.

Photo courtesy of Vic’s.

I love the bearded & helpful people who work there. They are always super friendly and are more than happy to recommend something new and tasty when I’m in the mood to get weird with it. – Tansey Lewis

Birds are welcome, too! Bartenders, like Louie Thal, are personable & knowledable about beer. Photo courtesy of Vic's.

Birds are welcome, too! Bartenders, like Louie Thal, are personable & knowledable about beer. Photo courtesy of Vic’s.

I like Vic’s for the local scene and the easy and relaxed atmosphere. – Charles Coffman

Beer Garden

Photo courtesy of Vic’s.

Co-Owner Tim England says, “We have developed a good crowd here. We see regulars at least 2-to-3 times a week. For the first year we didn’t carry domestic bottled beers to keep the riff-raff at bay.”


Staff playing adult-sized Jenga. Photo courtesy of Vic’s.

Vic’s is not a typical sports bar, either. Even though there are numerous televisions indoors and outdoors, England says, “People don’t pay much attention to the T.V., except when UT football is being played, or when a new episode of  The Walking Dead is on. During the show’s third season, we stayed open a little later on Sunday nights to accommodate The Walking Dead fans.” (The 4th season begins October 13th!)

Vics Walking DeadVic’s is also exemplary because it hosts numerous fundraisers throughout the year. When Travis, a Vic’s employee, required a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis complications, he needed $10,000 for six months of living expenses during his recovery in another state. Through private fundraisers hosted by Travis’ parents, along with four fundraisers at Vic’s, hosted by a local community service club called Keys, Travis’ recovery expenses were collected in full thanks to supportive patrons.

Vics cystic_fibrosis_foundation_logo_detail

Vic’s and Keys continue to host periodic fundraisers for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Musical duo, South of Broad, and Vic’s recently held a Beat Teams benefit to purchase used instruments and amplifiers for the Joy of Music School. Vic’s, again with Keys, also hosted a two evening corn hole tournament to benefit a special Habitat for Humanity project.


Photo by Scott Ryan.

Vic’s wins creativity bonus points for hosting an unusal barbering event to kick-off 2012’s “No-Shave” November.

Marcus D. Blair shaves Mark Lane on Vic's patio during day one of "No-Shave" November.

Marcus D. Blair shaves Mark Lane on Vic’s patio during day one of “No-Shave” November. Photo courtesy of Vic’s.

So, there is no need to drive to Bearden or Downtown to find quality beer and a fun atmosphere.  All it takes is one visit to become part of the tribe at Vic’s Beer Store & Cigar Shoppe.

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