April 16th, 2019
Dovie & Walter


By: Brian Scott Pittman

Airport selfie.

Getting to spend the holidays with grandparents at 52 years old is just about one of the finest blessings a man can have. For the first time in my life I left their home, to return to my own [home], feeling saddened by their general decline. These things put your own life into perspective quickly when one’s massive foundation of love and support cracks. Witnessing their love for one another of 76 years begets their love of you for yours on the planet. It is difficult to not feel guilty leaving them when they clearly need you so badly.

Dovie Whitaker (b. 1922) married Walter Pittman (b. 1924) on November 1, 1941.


My father’s parents spending Christmas with my mother’s family, now former in-laws, because we all actually like each other.


One of the most emotionally luxurious days of my life: visiting the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, TX, with Dovie.  Our last two visits both proved to be moving and connecting for both of us. The artist finally sees her first Monet.


Dovie holding court while playing my grandparents’ favorite game, Texas 42. She may look all sweet, and her voice is so tender and delicate, but the claws come out at 42. Just look at her face. She’s taking you down!


Nothing much more beautiful than the capable, experienced, and loving hands of your grandmother.


Old school living room.


Dovie’s desk.


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